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What is an IT or business Consultant?

A consultant works in partnership with clients on specific projects either as part of an outsourced team or to supplement an existing one. Consultants are relocated to client sites for a contracted amount of time to plan and develop business or technology systems and may also be asked to provide expert advice related to their specialty. Consultancy is a flexible career as projects can range from a few months to years depending on the size. This can lead to opportunities for travel and a variety of challenging and exciting assignments with a range of clients. FDM consultants are employed by FDM to provide professional business and IT consultancy to our clients.

What is the FDM Graduate Careers Program?

The FDM Graduate Careers Program consists of specialized training followed by a minimum of two years commercial experience working as an FDM consultant with our clients. We have academies across Europe, North America and APAC that administer the training to prepare you for your placement on client sites.

Is it essential for me to have an IT degree?

An IT degree is not required, FDM welcomes candidates from a range of academic backgrounds, or those with equivalent transferable experience. Many applicants have a degree in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) field, but we also accept applications from non-STEM graduates who demonstrate a passion for working in the industry.

What if I already have IT accreditations or qualifications that FDM offers?

This puts you at an advantage when it comes to passing our Interview Day assessments; however, you would still be required to attend the training for that module or sit an exam in order to demonstrate these competencies so that we can confidently recommend you to our clients.

When do I start getting paid?

In our North American centres, you become a paid employee from day one of your training.

What does an FDM Interview Day involve?

The Interview Day enables us to assess candidates for a range of skills including: technical, numerical, interpersonal and teamwork. The day gives you the opportunity to meet the FDM team, hear about the program and raise any questions you may have. If you successfully progress to the Interview Day stage of the process, you will receive more detailed information from your recruiter to help you prepare.

How frequently do you hold Interview Days?

We recruit year-round, so our Interview Days run on a weekly basis.

Where will I train?

Training will take place in either our Toronto or Montréal centres.

What training will I receive?

Your background, experience and performance at the Interview Day will determine which training stream you are best suited for. You can read more about the training and opportunities here.

What happens after I complete my training?

You will have the opportunity to interview with our clients in the time leading up to completion of your training. After your training, you will be available for placement on client sites. Your first day placed on-site marks the beginning of your two-year commitment as an FDM consultant. During these two years, you could be placed on one or more of our client sites.

Is there a guarantee that I will get a job once I complete the training?

There is never a 100% guarantee, but we will not offer you a role in the program unless we feel confident that you have the potential to be placed with one of our clients. Your interviews with clients begin while you are still in training, with the aim to have your client placement lined up before completion of training or just shortly after.

What type of projects will I be working on as a full time consultant?

You will have the opportunity to work across various sectors such as finance, banking, media and the public sector in business or technical roles. Our account managers look to place you with clients where your skills will be best utilized. You can hear more about the career stories of other consultants on our careers pages.

What companies will I be working with?

You can be placed with any of FDM’s prestigious clients. You may end up working at the same place for the whole two years or you may be placed on various client sites throughout that time.

What support will I be getting during the program?

During your time with FDM, there will be continuous mentoring, coaching and support available to you. Our Consultant Support Team ensures that you have the proper resources, training and support to succeed on-site. On larger client sites, we have an additional Consultant Peer Support network of ambassadors to help you settle in to your role. FDM provides resources for further skills development with tools such as LinkedIn Learning, an online training platform.

What happens at the end of the two years?

At the end of the two-year commitment, you have a number of options to progress your career further. You will still be an FDM employee and can remain with us as a Senior Consultant. However, with the two-year commitment complete you can pursue other avenues if you prefer, such as transitioning into permanent employment with a client you have been placed with or taking your skills to become a freelancer. No matter how you choose to progress your career, you will have two years of excellent commercial experience gained through the FDM Careers Program.