Business services

Business Services

FDM’s business consultants work with clients on operational and business transformation programs to help with both the implementation and delivery of projects, as well as providing ongoing support.

Our people combine technical excellence with strong interpersonal skills and work in some of the most demanding and challenging environments. We provide ongoing professional and technical support for all of our consultants to help with their personal development and to ensure we provide a seamless service to our clients.

Our diverse talent pools, combined with the ability to transfer FDM consultants to permanent in-house resources means our clients can benefit from a range of experiences and technical skills in the creation of their own balanced teams.

Our Veterans Programtransitions those from a senior level or officer position into project managers which allows our clients to benefit from their extensive leadership skills, gravitas and life experience.

We offer all our consultants a range of initiatives to support and engage them in their transition on-site. Learn more about the initiatives we offer in the FDM Consultant Experience brochure.

Driving efficiency and adding value in software, services, products and processes

FDM Business Analysts have experience working across our client base, whether that is technology change, across large Digital Transformation programs, or process and organizational change.

Our consultants understand the fundamentals of Change Management and the need to realize the benefits delivered by these projects. They start with the end in mind, applying a disciplined and planned approach to the delivery of solutions.

All FDM business analysts are trained in Requirements Engineering, Business Process Modelling, Investigation Techniques, Gap Analysis, Stakeholder Management, Change Management and Benefits Realization.

The integral link between teams and stakeholders

Our Business Analysts have the tech knowledge and the business aptitude to become the integral link between your teams and stakeholders. They are comfortable dealing with difficult stakeholders and extracting necessary information to enable the best outcomes for the business. They engage with stakeholders to formulate requirements in a way that can be understood by anyone in the organization – from tech teams to senior management.

FDM consultants work across a wide variety of industries and projects. Our Business Analysts are critical thinkers, understand lean and agile methodologies and can deliver business change in support of our client’s goals.

“Bilal has been working on building a SharePoint site for the Global Corporate Property Services Team and has efficiently managed all time zone challenges that arose. This project would not have succeeded without his input.”

Corporate Services Manager, Fidelity

Versatile and driven talent – supporting your business needs

Business intelligence is integral in helping companies make smarter, data-driven decisions that inform an organization’s strategic direction and gather insight from data otherwise beyond the reach of the normal business user. FDM’s comprehensive Business Intelligence training furnishes our consultants with the expertise to support your business with a broad suite of skills and the ability to translate them to the work at hand.

FDM can provide consultants with knowledge centred on working with data for business insight using database, analytical and reporting functions. These consultants are equipped with BI principles covering database interaction, data modelling, data warehousing, ETL and data visualization using the Microsoft suite of tools including Excel VBA, SQL Management Studio, SSIS, SSRS and Power BI, as well as other comparable mainstream tools on the market. Working as part of a team or individually, consultants are also prepared with requirements gathering and project management knowledge to provide a full service to client requirements.

We can provide you with a scalable talent pool of versatile and driven consultants, who equipped with our training can fit into a wide spectrum of Business Intelligence roles. For more specific needs, we can provide tailored training to build on the principles our training provides to suit client requirements. These include a variety of database standards, integration platforms and data visualization tools.

Delivering results from day-one

We offer a comprehensive training program designed and led by professionals with years of industry experience. Our consultants graduate from the academy with a full understanding of the principles that underpin Business Intelligence, a firm grasp of the latest BI technologies and the know-how to implement these in a working business environment, ready to hit the ground running and delivering results from day one.

“Ruth is detailed in her analysis, persistent in obtaining information, clearly presents the problem and the potential solutions and interacts well with all stakeholders. All of this has led to a successful delivery of a number of milestones in the project.”

Head of Business Intelligence, BNP Paribas

Providing Project Support and Project Management Officers for Business Change

Having the right people in place to manage projects, both large and small, is crucial to make sure deadlines are met and the budget is kept under control.

FDM’s Project Management Office Program provides consultants who can deliver against key criteria to drive change and secure tangible benefits for your organization. Our consultants are trained in both Agile and Waterfall methodologies and balance the different approaches to fit in with your company environment.

We deploy Project Support professionals as well as full Project Management Office teams to work on various large-scale projects across multiple sectors including developing how biometric data can be used for public sector organizations, to running digital transformation projects for an airline. The latter has involved overseeing the introduction of new technologies to make the customer journey through the airport smoother, changing the way baggage is handled and managing the weight distribution of cargo on flights.

Project Managers you can depend on

Throughout training, our Project Management Office consultants acquire a variety of skills and knowledge. This includes a comprehensive understanding of the project life cycle and practical elements of a project, the ability to define a PMO charter and individually provide governance processes and the expertise to ensure effort and resources are effectively shared across the portfolio.

We also provide Project Support Officers who are fully qualified to autonomously oversee stakeholders, resources and suppliers as well as manage risk and plan and track project progress.

In addition to our Graduate Program, we also offer an Advanced Project Management Program specifically designed for experienced Project Managers from our Veterans Program. This will allow you to benefit from their extensive life experience, leadership and communication skills.

“Katie has exceeded our expectations. In four weeks she has been on one of the steepest learning curves to successfully coordinate and pass four high profile projects through their gateways as green. To emphasise the achievement, Katie was nominated as SO Superstar of the Week to coincide with a visit from the COO and Divisional Director.”

PMO Senior Analyst, Nationwide Building Society

Helping you to mitigate risk and stay on top of changing regulations

FDM’s Risk, Regulation and Compliance Service provides the capability to react to changing demand across Technology and Operations, while also meeting your regulatory compliance and risk requirements.

Our RRC analysts work across the Client Life Cycle Management functions, including KYC, Due Diligence, Client On-Boarding, Recertification and Off-Boarding, as well as AML and Financial Crime. The FDM training focuses on the critical understanding of handling sensitive information and high-profile projects in line with best practices.

FDM’s Risk, Regulation and Compliance consultants have worked with our clients on a variety of projects. This includes a large KYC project for a German International bank to comply with a new European legislation, working with a client in Switzerland to turn around a failing project on transaction reporting across UK and European subsidiaries, and assisting UK Government Departments in their Brexit preparations.

Bright, resilient and adaptable

We draw on talent from a diverse range of sources to identify those who exhibit strong resilience, problem solving, and stakeholder management abilities for successful integration into your Risk, Regulation and Compliance teams.

For more complex projects, FDM can provide multidisciplinary ‘pods’ of consultants, all collaborating on your particular business requirements. The Risk Regulation and Compliance stream runs a number of these pods based on implementing regulatory change projects, where they are tasked to consider the impact of a number of regulations on the operations of a fictitious bank.

“Learning FICC Risk is very challenging without prior working experience. Avneet, a recent graduate, was able to learn about the different FICC businesses, technologies and risks within a few months.”

Vice President, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

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