Technical services

Technical Services

FDM’s technical consultants work within our clients’ IT teams supporting complex projects and developing solutions to business problems. Our consultants are trained to the highest standards and work across the full software development lifecycle (SDLC) including design, development, testing, analysis, maintenance and ongoing support.

Our people combine technical excellence with strong interpersonal skills. Our training prepares consultants to work in and support some of the most demanding and challenging technical environments.

Our diverse talent pools, combined with the ability to transfer FDM consultants to permanent in-house resource, means our clients can benefit from range of experiences and technical skills in the creation of their own balanced teams.

Managing and protecting the lifeblood of your organization

Unprecedented world events and changes to how organizations manage their workforces have shown that the need for robust and scalable Information Security Management systems is now greater than ever. Businesses can no longer afford to be caught off guard by a shortage of skilled Information Security professionals versed in the most up-to-date technologies.

Our consultants are trained to effectively tackle the challenges of protecting businesses’ vital data. We provide highly skilled consultants trained across the key pillars of IT Security, Cyber Resilience, Risk Management and Governance, and help our clients reduce the cost of delivering these services.

With information being a crucial asset for many organizations, the sheer volume of data can be daunting. FDM can offer both the resource and the management to work through these challenges by using methods including data linage, migration, DPIA and supplier assurance.

Data Privacy professionals you can count on

We offer a variety of solutions through our modular training program as we can tailor the practical training of our consultants to focus more deeply on key technical skills and requirements of ISO:27001, NIST and data privacy, specifically the UK Data Protection Act and GDPR.

We are able to provide fully formed teams of Information Security consultants who can work on a particular challenge that you might be facing.

FDM’s ISM consultants have worked on numerous projects for high-profile clients including supporting an organization’s move to a fully cloud based infrastructure by migrating multiple services to cloud based solutions, as well as working on a significant data breach and putting in place control mechanisms to prevent future breaches.

Accelerate your journey to the cloud

Cloud technology is now widely adopted by organizations across the world, driving efficiency and innovation and helping businesses achieve their goals at a much faster pace, and on a larger scale. With cloud technology evolving at the current rate, organizations need to focus on creating a sustainable workforce, or run the risk of being over reliant on expensive contractors.

FDM’s Cloud Engineering consultants are trained across a number of different areas of cloud such as: cloud fundamentals, cloud system design and security, creating and configuring cloud resources, storage and databases, on-premise and multi-cloud solutions and more. They also have expertise in programming languages such as SQL and Python, and operating systems such as UNIX.

FDM consultants can skillfully capture technology benefits and adopt industry best practices to contribute to the success of cloud projects across our client base.

Passionate, collaborative, professional Cloud Engineers

We provide highly trained and passionate cloud computing professionals who are eager to start their careers in one of the most interesting areas of IT.

Our consultants have experience across major public cloud platforms such as, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. They have been involved in cloud-based projects throughout the different stages of their lifecycle, from gap analysis and design, through to the deployment and maintenance phases of large-scale cloud roll-outs.

Designing and implementing data-centric solutions for your organization

FDM’s Data Engineering consultants play important roles in our clients’ teams by designing and implementing data-centric scalable solutions. They are involved in data ingestion and data flow pipelines, conducting data analysis and managing data lakes. They are experts in distributed data storage and computing frameworks, running on clusters with multiple nodes.

All Data Engineering consultants receive training in object-oriented programming allowing them to work across the full Software Development Lifecycle. Working as part of a team or individually, our consultants are also prepared with requirements gathering and project management knowledge to provide full service solutions to meet client requirements.

Our consultants have been involved in creating complex Data Flows between third-party data providers and local data hubs as well as designing data models that provide flexibility to perform analysis on data from unrelated platforms used within an organization. They also receive hands-on experience working with the latest tools including Hadoop, Spark, HiveQL, PigLatin, and SQL to seamlessly integrate into your teams and hit the ground running from day one.

Quick to learn, fast to deploy

FDM’s comprehensive training in Data Engineering provides our consultants with strong foundational knowledge in the most popular tools used in data analytics and ingestion. Once on-site, our consultants can utilize their training to quickly learn our clients’ niche technologies allowing them to become invaluable team members.

Our Data Engineering consultants work in multiple industries including financial services, government, oil and gas and telecommunications. We have deployed individual consultants to augment our clients’ existing teams or teams of consultants comprised of Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Data Engineers to provide full-scale solutions.

Our team of Academy trainers are there every step of the way to ensure the ongoing success of our consultants. Pre-deployment, we can provide our clients with weekly progress reports and check-ins to ensure consultants are prepared to join their specific teams. Post-deployment, our trainers can provide ongoing support including upskilling on our client’s technologies, proactive action and mentorship to ensure continuous improvement and success.

Reduce costs, drive efficiency, save time: work smarter with Robotic Process Automation

Robotics Process Organization tools are widely adopted by organizations to help them work smarter, saving time on manual tasks, cutting costs and creating huge efficiencies.

FDM’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service provides consultants who are trained in a number of RPA tools and their applications and can work across a number of different roles within Automation operations.

We have strategic partnerships with some of the biggest RPA vendors such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Pega and work globally across various sectors.

Specialist RPA skills

Our consultants undergo training in both technical and business disciplines including business analysis, coding, excel, web applications, as well as intensive RPA training. This ensures our consultants develop a strong understanding of the business and technical needs of an organization.

We work across the lifecycle of projects including data discovery, analysis, development, user acceptance testing, production, as well as troubleshooting and fixing any issues.

The flexibility of our consultants allows our clients to secure the specialist skill sets they need, even in competitive hiring landscapes.

Supporting our clients with Salesforce implementation

FDM’s Salesforce service prepares our consultants with skills in Salesforce implementation. Our consultants work across the Software Development Lifecycle in roles such as Software Development, Software Testing and Business Analysis to assist with our clients’ Salesforce implementation projects. As each of our clients’ projects is unique, we work directly with the client to build out a customized training curriculum. This could include deploying Salesforce Business Analysts who receive Certified Administrator (201) certifications and training in Business Analysis Fundamentals, Process Modeling, Requirement Engineering, Agile Practices and Risk Management prior to completing a customized Salesforce program. Previous training in this service has included Sales/Service Cloud, Data Modeling, Reports and Dashboards, Security and User Management and Automation.
Our rigorous training allows our consultants to seamlessly integrate into your team and hit the ground running from day one. FDM’s ability to source junior talent for our clients allows us to provide high-calibre individuals with niche skill sets in Salesforce that often come at a high cost on the open market. Following their two-year commitment with FDM, our consultants can internalize with our clients allowing for long-term return on investment.

A highly skilled Salesforce pipeline to meet your unique needs

Our Training and Service Delivery teams have extensive industry experience ensuring our consultants receive the training and individual attention they need to excel in their on-site placements. Clients can choose to select from consultants already in our Academy who will then receive upskilling in Salesforce to allow for more rapid deployment. We can also work directly with the client to recruit and select a group of talented young professionals to take part in a customized Salesforce training curriculum.
Salesforce consultants have been deployed individually to augment our clients’ existing teams or as a group allowing them to provide full-service solutions to our clients’ most complex implementations. Our consultants work with our clients across many industries and key projects have included implementing a mortgage lending application for one of our leading banking clients, working with one of our transportation clients on a train ticket reconciliation system, and deploying new applications in automotive manufacturing.

Producing innovative solutions through software development services

FDM’s Software Development service provides highly trained, adaptable and creative full stack developers to deliver technical solutions for our clients. Our consultants are trained across several programming languages including Java, Python, C#, C++ and COBOL, as part of cross functional cross-functional teams in an agile working environment. With a focus on Test-Driven Development, our consultants are experienced in building quality code in a collaborative manner.

We partner with our clients across digital transformation programs in sectors including finance, aviation, retail, media and the public sector to name a few. Our engineers have worked with clients to develop complex trade applications for global banks, applications to optimize and enhance key operational systems for airlines and new entertainment channels for broadcast media.

Highly trained, adaptable and creative full stack developers

Our software developers are proficient in relational databases, server side object-oriented programming and front-end web technologies. Consultants are trained in and have worked within an agile and Scrum framework.

In addition to training in the full stack of development technology, our consultants learn business skills that will allow them to seamlessly merge into your existing teams and hit the ground running. Some of the augmented skills we offer all our consultants during their training include professional skills, time management, Agile Principles and application design fundamentals. We deploy developers who are strong problem solvers, with a logical and analytical mindset and with excellent communication skills.

Through FDM’s Agile Pods, we can deploy full cross-functional Scrum teams, providing burst capabilities to our client’s teams and projects. The FDM Pods ensure that our consultants avoid a gap between placements continuously allowing them to grow their technical skills via on-going training. Depending on our clients’ specific needs, we also have the capability to provide fully formed teams of full stack developers geared up for various business or technical challenges.

Reduce risk; improve quality: manual and automated testing services

The success of every large-scale technical development project hinges on robust and effective Quality Engineering. At FDM, our Quality Engineering consultants deliver both automated and manual testing services across our client base.

Our consultants are skilled in popular automation technologies and frameworks such as Java programming, Selenium Webdriver and Cucumber. Our training programme also includes manual test script creation and execution, defect management, core Java programming fundamentals such as syntax and data types, Object Oriented Programming basics and creating, executing and maintaining automated tests using frameworks. FDM consultants also achieve the ISTQB Foundation Level Qualification.

Across our client base, FDM Quality Engineers work within a variety of different test phases including SIT, UAT and End to End testing. Within these areas our consultants perform many different roles including test analysis, quality engineering, test leadership, test management and automated test engineering.

Skilled testers, ready to seamlessly integrate with your teams

Our consultants are ready to hit the ground running and seamlessly integrate with your own in-house teams, helping to reduce risk and improve quality throughout the whole Software Development Lifecycle.

The modular nature of our training allows us to upskill our development consultants to quickly react and build capability around our clients’ specific needs.

For more complex projects we have the capability to train consultants outside of the standard test training program to suit our clients’ needs such as automation with C# and SpecFlow, API Testing with tools such as Postman, accessibility testing and usability testing.

Our consultants work with our clients across mobile and web applications, supporting projects that deliver innovative new features and software from both a functionality and user experience perspective. FDM Quality Engineers also get involved in testing more bespoke applications that are specific to the client’s domain such as self-service checkout machines and software for retailers, regulatory reporting systems for global banks, advertising scheduling systems for large media organizations and vehicle diagnostic applications for the automotive industry.

Supporting your solution architecture capabilities

In today’s rapidly changing environment, organizations are constantly transforming their processes and developing tech solutions to meet new requirements. With this comes the need for professionals who can align business problems with technology solutions. FDM’s Solution Architecture service provides resources who can support your business architecture capabilities.

Our consultants are trained across the Software Development Life Cycle and have a Business and Technical perspective. The training includes modules on Stakeholder Management, Functional and Non-Functional Requirements, Architecture Fundamentals, Design and Integration Patterns, APIs, Cloud Computing and more.

Consultants are given real world challenges while in training, such as the design, development, testing and deployment of an application from scratch into a live environment. This ensures that our consultants have the necessary knowledge and practical experience and are ready to join our clients’ teams.

Solution Architecture talent pipeline

FDM provides a continuous and secure talent pipeline that enables businesses to develop their own Solution Architecture capabilities. The nature of this in-demand market has led to Solution Architects jumping from organization to organization as they have a highly sought after skill set. FDM’s 2-year bonded model provides stability of resources and helps businesses achieve their long-term objectives without having to worry about talent turnover.

Our consultants have worked across projects covering a variety of architecture guises, such as Solution Architecture, Data Architecture, Mainframe Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture and finally Cloud Architecture.

These projects have been implemented across the many different industries which FDM works within. The more recent focus of architecture projects has been around application migration and readiness for the cloud, in which our consultants have supported architects in the creation of documentation and diagrams in regards to the migration of services, applications and databases.

Supporting your business-critical technology landscape

In an increasingly complex technological landscape, a skilled and adaptive Technical Operations team is essential to support and protect the smooth running of business-critical systems, services and applications. FDM’s Technical Operations service provides consultants with the technical capabilities to support business critical horizontal and vertical responsibilities, as well as specialist areas such as infrastructure, environments, networking and security.

Our consultants work on crucial TechOps projects with clients, including firewall re-certification for a multinational investment and financial services company, the scaling up of an in-demand Service Desk function, and the onshoring of Identity and Access Management capabilities for a large retail and commercial bank.

Accomplished problem solvers with outstanding troubleshooting abilities

FDM’s Technical Operations consultants are versed in the administration of Linux and Windows based operating systems and are accomplished problem solvers with excellent troubleshooting abilities.

Along with an outstanding level of technical competency, our people also learn professional skills. This equips them with strong resilience, problem solving and customer service skills allowing them to gain a deep understanding of how our clients’ businesses operate.

To meet the unique requirements of our clients, FDM offers solutions to support more specific responsibilities, such as Security Operations, Microsoft 365 Administration, Power Platform solutions, Solution Architecture and Environment Coordination.

Supporting users through usability, usefulness, and desirability

With technological innovation reshaping the world and increasing competition faster than ever, the success of new systems, apps, and technologies hinges on intuitive, coherent and enjoyable user experiences.

FDM’s UX/UI consultants are experts in all aspects of interaction between human users and everyday products and services, such as websites, apps and software programs.

Our training prepares them with competencies in different UX/UI components such as psychology, business, market research, design and technology, providing them with the knowledge to successfully create well-thought-out interfaces that deliver value for your users and your business.

FDM’s UX/UI designers are trained to explore various approaches in order to solve user issues including conducting research on target users, developing a deep understanding of their needs, creating personas, mapping journeys, wireframing and prototyping. At the end of the training our consultants are able to help produce market leading digital products for a better visual impact, desirability and improved user journey.

Experts in the interaction between human users and technology

We can tailor our training so that our consultants can meet a wide variety of different project requirements and help fulfill all user demands while working in close alignment with your corporate strategy. If you have a UX project that requires a specific set of skills, get in touch to find out how our tailored solutions can help your organization.

Our consultants have previously worked on a range of projects for our client base including the modernization of brand identity, user research, UI redesign projects and more.

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